Does Internet Benefit Have Small Travel Businesses?

Does Internet Benefit Have Small Travel Businesses?

Yes, of course, but as much as it should?

When you consider the number of travel directories and websites available to travelers, you think this is a world free of normal business, but unfortunately, it is often limited by restrictions that travelers would not appreciate. Pricing of travel is one of the conventions that are not yet completely free from restrictions and understandable due to distribution considerations.

Travel agencies using traditional distribution chains for the sale of their products must allow payment of commissions to different levels of intermediaries, incoming tour operators, wholesalers and dealers, all who need to take part in their efforts to enable travel services and products to reach the consumer.

Home pages, however, reach consumers directly and allow them to make direct bookings with travel agencies, but they can still incur the costs of these intermediaries. However, in order to place a two-level price for each product, it may discourage agents from representing products so that a new way could be found. This is where TopTravelSites entered its newly developed travel agency service that wishes to continue with the traditional supply chain but also encourages travelers who are comfortable to make their own arrangements directly with suppliers and who do not need travel agents, just the internet.

The service called TopTravelVouchers gives travelers a cheap price of direct bookings, but the supplier still expires with the commission cost.

This new price format is achieved by the travel operator who issues a voucher in exchange for promotion, promotion and delivery of travelers directly to their websites to make their reservations. The coupon is sold to travelers at deeply discounted prices at their redemption value, enabling the traveler to be a recipient of an almost net price for the package or service. The TopTravelVouchers operator does not have the normal costs that can be attributed to retail and wholesale agents such as stores, booking systems, brochures, and high-quality staff, thus encouraging travelers to book directly with their customers and get a price-saving effort for their customers. In fact, it is a travel agency that does not sell travel, only travel vouchers, to be used for travel purchased from travel companies participating in the service.

Many travel companies do not use intermediaries, often due to the small size of the travel operation, but they would still be prepared to pay a commission or fee for referral or sale. They still need to make travelers aware of their products and services and to offer encouragement and reward allows them to reach travelers who prefer to deal directly with operators.

There are thousands of smaller travel companies around the world, ranging from B & Bs, family hotels, small tour operators, adventure and eco tours rarely seen by the vast majority of travelers. These operators are not in the glossy travel agencies or represented by travel agencies, but they often have excellent products and services that can be seen on their websites. Many of them are willing to pay a commission to a seller of their products but can not get travel agency representation. This new coupon system enables them to encourage and reward travelers who prefer to handle their own arrangements directly with the operators by offering a price reflecting discounted commission costs and thus saving for the self-employed.

TopTravelVouchers sells at three price levels according to the savings of each: $ 30, $ 50 or $ 100usd or equivalent currency if purchased outside of the U.S.. They can often be purchased in multiples, favor families or groups and at the time of this article there was a voucher costing $ 100USD worth $ 1,500euros (about $ 2,000USD) offered on a small cruise ship in Greece which is also a small travel operator who is not normally represented by the agency system.

Travelers will receive 100% money back guarantee if the coupons are not used within 1 year of issue but maybe it should be for two years because the coupons usually last for 2 years. Even after completion of the trip and traveler are unhappy with the quality, the Coupon Costs of TopTravelSites and the problem with the travel operator will be replaced.

It is obvious that this service will only work for TopTravelSites if supported by travel exchange operations that need to expand its representation as the retention of only a small percentage of each sale has to be followed by large volumes of coupon sales but it is a unique service exchange for both travelers and the smaller travel agencies in the travel industry, using logical use of the Internet for direct bookings.

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